Neighbors say it looked like a tornado-- high winds blew the roof off of a Hillside home on Sidorof Lane, near the Prospect Heights trailhead. 

No one was hurt here when the wind whipped through around 9 a.m. Tuesday and took the top right off of a log home, where Carey Cossaboom, a neighbor says a woman lives with her school-age daughter. 

"She's freaked out right now, but she's fine. Her daughter's at school and she didn't get hit by any debris so, she's fine," Cossaboom said, as he helped remove belongings from the house. "She said it sounded like a freight train from where she was. She was up in her bedroom, she wasn't feeling well today. And then the roof ripped off her house."

Cossaboom said he was having breakfast at home when it happened. 

"The debris filled my whole view, and I thought it was my house until I went and looked at the front of the house, I saw it was not debris from my house," Cossaboom said. "I saw my neighbor's house fell apart."

Cossaboom and other neighbors describe a powerful, circular gust of wind that blew directly over the home. 

"I saw this huge debris cloud just swirling in the air," said Mike Morris, who lives just below.

"I don't want to call it a tornado, but it was the closest Alaska gets to a tornado," said Cossaboom. 

Fiberglass, wood panels and logs could be seen strewn across the street and even up onto neighboring rooftops. 

Neighbors worked throughout the day Tuesday to collect what they could from the damaged home, while construction crews worked to clear the road out front. 

Anchorage Fire Department Deputy Chief Erich Scheunemann said word of the damaged home reached firefighters just before 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. No other reports of major structural damage from the windstorm had reached firefighters by Tuesday afternoon.

"Other than the roof, just a bunch of power lines and downed wires," Scheunemann said.

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