Rees Miller teaches chemistry and acting at West High School.

"It's kind of a wild day, but I found a balance in it," he said.

It's not every day you see the arts and analytical math-based learning in the same classroom. Though the lessons may vary, Miller takes the same approach with every class.

"Create an environment where students are comfortable and feel like this is a place where they want to be," Miller said. 

Miller went to college to become a science teacher and says it's his original passion. He teaches chemistry to sophomores in the morning and then, in the afternoon, he teaches acting.

"I really enjoy my mornings," Miller said. "I like working with those group of kids-- they're tons of fun. Then in the afternoon, I get to do theater-- totally different group of people-- work the other side of your brain. It's more artistic and exploratory."

Miller is teaching movement and how to convince an audience you're in a fist-fight without actually hitting anybody. 

"I generally try to pull an artist out of them," Miller said. "They do a lot of self-discovery and it's just really intrinsic that way."

His main goal is to get his students feeling comfortable in front of people and feeling confident in themselves.

"As a whole, I want them to be excited about continuing to learn," he said.

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