Cash money-- that's what a bar and grill in Chugiak is offering for the apprehension of the parties responsible for breaking in and stealing a safe from the business over the weekend. Subsequently, that's also what was taken from them.

After closing, early Sunday morning, bartender Joleigh Rainwater says someone broke into the Birchwood Saloon in the 20100 block of Pilots Road in Chugiak and stole the business' safe. 

According to a post on the bar's Facebook page, the Saloon is offering a "cash reward for any information that leads to the apprehension of these parasites." 

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We've just leased the restaurant out, and they had a really, really busy weekend, and obviously, somebody noticed that," Rainwater said. "To them, it's just a bag of money. To small businesses, it's payroll." 

Rainwater described the safe as a very "stout", heavy older-model that was about the size of a cooler.

"Either one really determined person or more than one person involved," Rainwater speculated, as to the suspects. 

"It's a real tight-knit community... everybody knows everybody. So, we don't know if this was someone that had been in here that we'd welcomed as a friend or if it was just random... we're going to try not to let this jade us."

A police report was filed Sunday, Rainwater says; detectives were out for several hours collecting evidence. 

Liz Raines contributed to this story.

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