Spring has sprung in Alaska, which means more birds will be migrating across the state and more people will be on the roads -- which can lead to many birds being killed or injured by being hit by a car.

Already this season multiple birds have been brought to clinics for vehicle injuries.

According to the North American Bird Conservation Initiative's State of the Birds annual report, nearly 200 million birds are killed on the road every year in the United States. That doesn't include the total number of birds that are hit and still live.

Rahabilitator Amy Kilshaw with Bird TLC works directly with birds who are injured. She says you do different things counting on the type of bird.

If you have found an injured eagle, owl or other large raptor, Kilshaw says the best thing you can do is call the Bird TLC clinic for assistance.

For other type of bird species there are steps to take.

1. Determine if the bird is in need of help. Is the bird limping, bleeding or dragging a wing? If not, it may not be injured or in need of help - if in doubt call the Bird TLC clinic for assistance.

2. Use caution, injured wild animals do not understand that we are trying to help them and they will defend themselves from their perceived predator.

3. Capture the bird carefully using a towel, blanket or box.

4. Place bird in a secure box with air-holes and in a dark, quiet place.

5. Bring the bird to the Bird TLC rehabilitation clinic for treatment and care.

If it is after-hours, you can bring the bird to PET Emergency Treatment at 2320 E. Dowling Rd. or Diamond Animal Hospital at 2545 E. Tudor Rd. for 24 hour drop-offs.

To help fund the rescue, the group will have a garage sale with their education birds on May 5 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 3550 Amber Bay Loop.

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