Two men who committed five Anchorage armed robberies during a single week in 2016, hitting a bank and evading capture until they tried to fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands, have each been sentenced to more than a decade in federal prison.

Kaleem Tikori Fredericks, 24, and Calal Calvis Alexis Crofford, 25, have been ordered to serve 10 years and 10 months and 10 years and two days, according to U.S. Attorney for Alaska Bryan Schroder’s office. Both men have pleaded guilty to charges including armed bank robbery and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence; Fredericks was sentenced Monday, and Crofford had been sentenced in January.

According to Schroder’s office, Fredericks and Crofford had been armed with a short-barreled shotgun as well as “a BB gun that appeared to be a real handgun” during the robberies in August 2016. In addition, they stole jewelry in a “smash-and-grab” theft from a kiosk at the Dimond Center Mall.

The list of locations hit by Fredericks and Calvis include:

Aug. 11, 2016: The Captain Sparrow Liquor Store at 1100 W. Benson Blvd.
Aug. 14, 2016: The Brown Jug liquor store at 525 W. Fireweed Lane
Aug. 15, 2016: The Tesoro gas station at 545 Muldoon Rd.
Aug. 15, 2016: The Brown Jug liquor store at 119 Klevin St.
Aug. 18, 2016: The smash-and-grab theft, from Jewelry World at the Dimond Center.
Aug. 18, 2016: The Wells Fargo bank at 630 E. 5th Ave.

According to Schroder’s office, the shotgun was carried in all five robberies, with the handgun only seen at Wells Fargo.

“Fredericks and Crofford stole a total of approximately $30,954, which they used to entertain themselves and then try to flee Alaska,” prosecutors wrote. “Specifically, on Aug. 18, 2016, Fredericks and Crofford drove to Girdwood, Alaska, and disposed of the short-barreled shotgun, a backpack, and some of the clothes worn during the armed robberies.”

The duo had tickets to Miami and ultimately St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands on the same date, but police at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport recognized them from photos of the Wells Fargo robbery. Federal prosecutors said “a significant amount of cash” was seized from the men when they were arrested.

Anchorage police and airport police were assisted by the FBI and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in prosecuting the case.

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