At Monday night's Anchorage School Board meeting, the most anticipated report came before the meeting in the work session.

"As far as work sessions are considered, it was the most attended," ASD Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop said.

ASD hired Western Demographics to have an outside look at how to make the district run more efficiently.

"We've been asked to make overtime more efficient, we should close schools, we should add schools," Dr. Bishop said. "What we needed to do is really look at this picture globally. Not only for today but what does Anchorage look like 20 years from now."

Shannon Bingham from Western Demographics was brought in to study capacity in schools presently but also look at open buildable land. Some schools are out of buildable land and some have some extra.

"We don't want to take a school offline that in the future we would need," Dr. Bishop said. "That would cost taxpayers more. There are some recommendations for boundary changes that would better utilize our facilities. There is also suggestions for construction in certain areas as well as consolidation-- as well as closures. We are hitting all aspects of school organization in all three different categories."

Schools named in the viability study include Orion Elementary, which is suggested for closure. Central Middle School is to be used for transition and an innovative program before eventually being replaced.

Other schools suggested for replacement are Inlet View Elementary, Abbott Loop Elementary and Gruening Middle School. Schools that would fall into boundary changes include Taku Elementary to Campbell Elementary and the Ravenwood Elementary area to Homestead Elementary.

A complete list of all the district suggestions can be found in the compete School Viability Study here.

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