Call it a showcase of stars in training. 

Alaska has so many positives. But being far away geographically from the Lower 48 has an effect on high school students. They simply don't get as much attention from college coaches. Not enough of them travel here.

It's changing slowly. 

Over the weekend, the annual Alaska College Basketball Showcase did what it's designed to do-- give aspiring college players a chance to demonstrate their skills. 

"We don't get exposure as everyone in the Lower 48, so, we're just fighting to get noticed by college coaches, and punch our ticket out, I guess," said Angeline Nageak.

It's the idea of Dimond's Jim Young. This year, 12 coaches came up to watch-- and it's making a difference. 

"We're getting quality kids, and quality athletes, that's what we want," said Skagit Valley Assistant Coach Deb Castle.

This week she added another-- a fifth Alaskan-- as Chaunice Carr of Anchorage Christian School signed. 

It appears the pipeline is open and will stay that way.

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