"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver confessed the rumors about his team buying props from Russell Crowe's "divorce auction" were true, including the leather jockstrap that sold for $7,000, in an effort to help a Blockbuster store in Alaska.

In case you didn't know, Alaska has three of the last remaining handful Blockbuster stores in the United States. Oliver closed his show Sunday night with the revelation that in Alaska, Blockbuster stores were closing right and left-- and expressed his astonishment that there were even Blockbuster stores still open. Just this year, two Alaska locations have closed-- one in Wasilla, the other in south Anchorage.

Oliver said that with slower streaming services and the higher cost of broadband in the 49th State, it was crucial for Alaskans to have access to rental options.

Following his divorce, Crowe hosted an auction featuring many items of memorabilia from previous projects. If you watch Last Week Tonight, you wouldn't be surprised to know that Oliver would jump on the ridiculous opportunity to participate in "The Art of Divorce" auction.

Along with the jockstrap, the show bought a brown hood Crowe wore during filming for Robin Hood, as well as a vest he wore in Les Miserables, among other items.

And, in true John Oliver fashion, he then offered up the items purchased from the auction to the owner of the last remaining Blockbuster in Anchorage. Oliver said he thinks having memorabilia will make the store even more of a destination, hopefully allowing it to prosper for many years to come.

John Oliver did have one stipulation: the owner of the Debarr Road location has 48 hours from airtime to reach out to the show and claim his new Russell Crowe display. 

KTVA visited the Blockbuster on Debarr Road Sunday night, shortly after the show aired with the news. Employees said the phones had been ringing off the hook. 

Tuesday, Blockbuster manager, Kevin, told KTVA that management had been in touch with the show's producers and are discussing logistics of getting the memorabilia to Anchorage. 

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