This Saturday morning finds Angeline Nageak on the basketball court. The Dimond High School sophomore on her home court. The reason is simple.

"I just wanted to get exposure to go to college, stuff like that," said Nageak.

She has plenty of company, as girls from across the state gather for the annual Alaska College Exposure Basketball Showcase. Dimond co-head coach Jim Young created the event.

"Living in Alaska, the recruiting opportunities are very challenging, we don't have a lot of college coaches who come up here to recruit," said Young.

How things have grown during its 10 years. "When I first started this, we had four college coaches that came up, this year, we have 12," recalled Young.

Chad Allan made his second trip to the showcase. He hopes lightning strikes twice for his Grays Harbor Basketball program in Washington State.

"I came up last year and got to sign Sandin Kidder from East, we had a great season, and a great year, we went 25-3, and won our first league championship, and Sandin was a major part of that," said Allan.

At least 35 players have moved on to the college from this camp. "We have some hidden gems in Alaska, we have kids who can actually play," said Young, as Angeline Nageak hopes to one day join that list.

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