Arctic Care 2018 is run by the office of the Secretary of Defense to provide military readiness training while also providing local communities essential services that are much needed in some remote areas over the next two weeks.

"Essentially what it is, is military readiness training," Commander Scott Osaki with the Navy Reserve said. "It's an opportunity that secondarily benefits to local communities by providing to provide health care, dental care, optometry, and veterinary care."

A C-17 recently flew up from Joint Base Charleston in South Carolina and delivered supplies and equipment in bulk to Kotzebue. Then the items are loaded with teams into helicopters and transported to underserved villages in the Maniillaq Service Area.

"Our personnel comes from different units from all over the continental United States," Commander Osaki said. "We have some that are based at JBER. We've been working with the Maniillaq Health Association since August. They are the ones who submitted the application for this project."

Arctic Care 2018 is led by the Marines corps reserve and involves all reserve branches. It's a joint mission that is also multi-national which includes the Navy Reserve, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, Alaska Army National Guard, Coast Guard and Canadian Forces. The experience is life-changing for everyone involved.

"A lot of our members come from metropolitan areas," Commander Osaki said. "So when they get out to these rural communities it is an eye opener because it is not what they are accustomed to seeing the lifestyle is drastically different." 

The following is the list of villages Arctic Care 2018 will provide service to, along with the dates.

April 9-14
Point Hope

April 16-19

April 21-23

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