Anchorage’s Boy Scouts have been out in force at local stores this month, as part of a special food drive which gives a big boost to local aid groups.

The Scouting for Food event comes at a critical time every year, as April is one of the Food Bank of Alaska's weakest months in terms of donations.

The Boy Scouts of Alaska have been looking to change that, with members of Troops 26 and 210 well on their way to doing so at the Fred Meyer store on Abbott Road Saturday morning.

"It's fun because you get to see all the people,” said Drew, a 16-year-old with Troop 210. “We get to ask and help people to help people. Nice to see the community work together."

For 30 years, Scouts from across Southcentral Alaska have been warriors in the battle against hunger.

"We try to get people to give us cans, non-perishable (food) cans so then we can give it to Food Bank of Alaska so they can give it to people who don't have enough money to buy food,” said 13-year-old Galen with Troop 210.

Barrels upon barrels of food were collected at Fred Meyer stores around the state – all of which makes its way to the Food Bank of Alaska.

"It's important to teach our kids that helping the community – that the world isn't just theirs, but everyone around them too," Drew said.

Obtaining life experience is a big motivator for Scouts, and Scouting for Food certainly helped.

"Scouting is a lot about camping and getting the boys out and experiencing the outdoors, but a big part of Scouting is providing service to the community," said Troop 210 scoutmaster Grant Cauthen.

Last year, the Boy Scouts collected nearly 20,000 pounds of food in Anchorage alone. Over a half million pounds of food have been collected in the state since the program started 30 years ago.

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