If you’re looking to be creative, Barb Stigen has made sure you can find inspiration at her new business, The Art Café.

The bright teal walls are covered floor to ceiling with antiques, Alaska State Fair posters and a few quotes from PBS painter Bob Ross.

“Oddly enough, I kind of find freedom in it. Anything goes. If you like it, why not have it around you all the time,” Stigen said.

Stigen is a mosaic artist. The shelves of The Art Café, located at 131 E. Blueberry Avenue in Palmer, are filled with thousands of tesserae, the pieces that make up a mosaic.

“Up here I have Czechoslovakia buttons,” Stigen said, as she sifted through drawers of unique objects.

She said she likes mosaic art because there are no rules.

“It's whatever you like. If you're in a place like this where there are so many choices, you'll find something to inspire your piece.”

Stigen started teaching her craft three years ago but quickly ran out of room at her house. Now, The Art Café gives her and other artists more class space.

“There's a felting artist coming on board. She is going to teach needle felting and wet felting. One painter coming on board is going to teach us how to draw on sandpaper,” Stiegn explained.

There’s a do-it-yourself area with pottery painting, glass fusing and jewelry making. The café also includes a coffee shop with ice cream and homemade fudge.

Stigen said her goal is to make it a gathering place for the whole community.

“Everyone is so nice. I've met a lot of the business people and they're so supportive and I hear that all the time, ‘Palmer needed this’ and I'm so thankful they did,” she said.

The Art Café will hold it’s soft opening on Saturday, April 14 at 10 a.m.

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