Can the zombie apocalypse happen in the Arctic? That will be a real discussion with a real member of the CDC on Friday, April 15.

It's all part of a lecture series hosted by the Alaska World Affairs Council -- one of 90 councils around the United States. It's also the largest international educational organization.

"We have been here for over 60 years," said Lise Falskow, president of Alaska World Affairs Council. "Our goal is just to bring information about things that happen around the world, to get people inspired and excited and involved with the world around them."

The next talk they have is on the topic: "Could the zombie apocalypse happen here in the Arctic?"

"We're featuring a local CDC doc, Dr. Mike Bruce, talking about arctic infectious diseases and the zombie apocalypse," said Falskow.

Bruce is a public health physician and medical epidemiologist trained in Internal and Preventive Medicine. He is the Epidemiology Team Leader at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Arctic Investigations Program in Anchorage.


"He will be talking about, Is this something that can happen with our environment with climate change?" Falskow said. "The warming of the Arctic, are those things like bacteria, microbes in the permafrost, will they be released?"

There will be a discussion at the end of his talk where people can ask questions.

Falskow says she even has some questions of her own including: "What does fortress Alaska look like? Should we be preparing for some type of apocalypse with bacteria? Or wait until they happen?"

The event starts at 11:45 a.m. for a before interviewing with Dr. Bruce and then the Zombie talk will start at noon and go till 1 p.m. at the Bear Tooth Theater.
It's open to the public. There are tickets available at the door.

Other events for the Alaska World Affairs Council is hosting this month includes bringing in the former Iraqi Ambassador, Lukman Faily to talk about what is next for the country of Iraq.

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