An Anchorage woman was injured over the weekend when her ex-boyfriend attacked her outside of a bar and inside her car, according to authorities. 

Samuel Ankrum, 22, was arrested on assault charges Saturday after he reportedly followed the victim out to her car, pushed her into the back, slapped her and took off in her car while she lay injured in the back seat. 

According to charging documents, Ankrum and the victim were leaving Koot's at closing time when he attempted to "fix things" with their relationship and asked her to come home with him. When his ex-girlfriend refused, that was when an argument turned into something worse. 

"Samuel pushed [the victim] into the back seat of her vehicle and began slapping her," charging documents said. "[The victim] attempted to fight back and started kicking at Samuel and trying to punch him off of her. Samuel slammed the door shut, and got ln the driver seat."

Ankrum took off in the vehicle, police said. The victim began kicking the back seat and the headrest, demanding he get out of her vehicle.

He then pulled over and that's when she said she was slapped hard enough she "begin hearing bells In her ear," according to charging documents. She added that she couldn't remember the rest of the car ride because she was disoriented. 

Ankrum drove them the victim's home where he parked in the middle of a cul-de-sac, left the keys in the glove compartment and took off on foot.

The victim called police to the 7400 block of Wade Circle in reference to the assault saying she felt like she had a "boxer's fracture" in her hand, charging documents said. By her appearance and the way she described her injury, medics believed she could have a fracture. 

Court record show Ankrum had posted bail of $3,000. 

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