Listen up Alaska Airlines passengers -- starting this summer, the airline is shrinking the size of that carry-on to make sure you have no problems on any other flights on your itinerary. 

Alaska Airlines announced on its website, starting June 4, they will no longer accept carry-on bags over the dimensions of 22'' x 14'' x 9''. 

Currently, the airline allows carry-ons larger than what most domestic and international airlines allow which has made traveling difficult for passengers with multi-carrier itineraries.

"We’re changing our bag size allowance to make sure that your carry-on bag will be accepted aboard all the flights within your itinerary," Alaska Airlines website reads. "This will help you avoid carry-on bag size conflicts and make connections with other airlines easier during your future trips."

According to the Alaska Airlines website, here's how to measure your bag so it fits:

To help you make the transition to this new size, we’ll be adding updated bag sizers at airport locations during the next few months that feature the new 22'' x 14'' x 9'' dimensions. We encourage you to find one of these new bag sizers before the new size limit takes effect in June, in order to check if your current carry-on bag will fit.

You can also measure your suitcase’s height, length and width at home using a measuring tape; be sure to include the wheels and handle in the total measurement. If you have a soft-sided or expandable suitcase, you may want to measure your suitcase again once you’ve packed it, to make sure it still fits within the 9” width limit. Here are a few tips to help you pack your carry-on "This indicates a link to an external site that may not meet accessibility guidelines."like a pro.

Even though your carry-on size is getting smaller, the airline wants to remind you that when you fly, you're still allowed one carry-on bag, that you can lift into the overhead bin, plus one personal item like a purse, briefcase or laptop. At least one of them should be stowed under the seat in front of you.

The carry-on size changes also includes flights on Horizon and SkyWest.

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