Anchorage Police say they have arrested the suspect who allegedly broke into a south Anchorage antique store and stole more than $50,000 in ivory goods early Saturday morning. 

Timothy Hayes, 60, was arrested on multiple charges Saturday night after police found him with multiple missing artifacts, APD wrote in a statement Sunday night. 

According to APD spokesperson Renee Oistad, APD responded to the 5700-block of Point Woronzof and met with Airport Police in reference to a welfare check for an older man asking for gas money. 

"When Airport Police arrived they contacted 60-year-old Timothy P. Hayes who had multiple Native artifacts both on his person and in the 1999 green Ford Contour he was driving," Oistad wrote.

All of the artifacts were seized by APD as evidence including a large ivory tusk which was sticking out from underneath a blanket in the back seat of Hayes' vehicle. 

Duane Hill, the owner of Duane’s Antique Market on East 76th Avenue, said the burglary occurred at about 5:30 a.m. Surveillance video showed a single suspect breaking open at least three display cases inside the store.

Hill said the haul – valued at $50,000 to $75,000 – included mastodon ivory tusks and walrus-head mounts, as well as 10 to 25 whale teeth collected by 19th-century Yankee whalers worth $500 to $4,000 apiece.

In addition to the display cases and the front door, a number of ivory pieces left behind were also damaged.

The store has surveillance video of the theft, according to Hill, as well as a blood sample from a cut the suspect apparently sustained during the break-in.

Hill said Saturday afternoon that he has a shotgun -- but he was glad he didn't run into the suspect during the break-in.

"I would have killed him," Hill said.

Hayes was arrested on multiple charges including burglary in the second-degree, theft in the first-degree and criminal mischief in the third-degree. 

Rachel McPherron contributed information to this story.

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