For Corina Froehle, following in the family's footsteps is as challenging as it is rewarding.

It's a soccer group through and through. A junior at Bartlett High School, Froehle is turning heads just like her brother Lorenzo did when he played there. Named a first-team all conference player as a freshman, she continues now for the Golden Bears as the team captain. 

"I always took that naturally, even as a younger person," she said. "I like to instruct a lot and now I'm learning with help from my coaches and teammates, how to do that the most effective way and how to really help my teammates and myself to really be successful."

Her brother Lorenzo sets the pace. He now plays at Division I Manhattan College in New York City. Even though they're a continent apart, he's always there to help.

"He definitely pushes me and wants me to be even better than him. And so it's difficult, but it's really nice to have that support system. He's super encouraging. He's a good brother."

Along with her father Matt, who coaches the boy's team, Corina is charting her own course, too. She holds a 4.17 GPA--and she's earning it.

"I have AP U.S. History. And then I have AP Physics and AP Styles."

Corina also helps her fellow students who aren't soccer players. She founded the Bartlett's Partners Club which offers help to students with various disabilities. 

"To see them jump up and give us hugs and talk to us, tell us about their whole week, it's really rewarding. Like definitely shows why we're there," said Froehle.

Safe to say, her approach to school and sports is pitch perfect.  

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