Early results of Anchorage's election show incumbent Ethan Berkowitz leading the race for Mayor. Longtime Alaskan pollster Ivan Moore, the owner of Alaska Survey Research, joined Daybreak to discuss his insight into the election so far.

Moore previously worked on the Berkowitz campaign and gave his opinion on whether the race could be called in the incumbent's favor this early.

"I know that officially the line is that victory hasn't been declared," said Moore. "but yeah, it's over."

According to Moore's research, as of Wednesday, the city is at a median turnout for a mayoral race compared to the last eight. However, he believes after the remaining ballots are totaled, this could be the highest turnout for a mayoral race compared to those last eight.

Moore says he is not sure whether this election is the first in which you can vote by mail that led to a higher voter turnout, but believes it does make it easier for people who may find it difficult to make it to traditional polling locations.

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