Alisha Hilde slightly increased her narrow lead over Tasha Hotch for School Board Seat E Friday. 

Meanwhile, Fair Anchorage Friday declared that Prop 1 has been defeated-- even though the muni has yet to officially declare the results. 

In a release Friday evening, Fair Anchorage said, "This makes Anchorage the first American jurisdiction to uphold transgender protections on a standalone ballot measure."

"Today Anchorage voters rejected fear and intimidation to affirm that everyone in our city should have the same fundamental dignity and protection under the law," said Lillian Lennon, field organizer for Fair Anchorage, the campaign to defeat Proposition 1. "As a transgender woman, this victory is deeply personal to me and to so many of us in the transgender community. It means voters saw past misleading tactics by opponents of transgender equality in order to treat people like me fairly. In a world that can be so hostile to transgender people in our daily lives, to know that the city of Anchorage has our backs means everything. I'm grateful to the voters, volunteers, and hard-working supporters of our campaign who worked tirelessly to make this night possible."

Mayoral candidate Rebecca Logan announced on Facebook Thursday evening she has conceded to Incumbent Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz Thursday night.

According to Logan's Facebook post:

"The voters have made their choice and tonight I called the mayor to congratulate him on his reelection. I ran for mayor because our city faces serious problems with unemployment, crime and taxes, and although our visions for tackling these problems differ, I wish him the best in his second term."

Berkowitz has maintained a consistent lead over Logan as waves of ballots were counted over the last few days in Anchorage's first-ever vote-by-mail election. 

As of Thursday evening, Barbara Jones, the municipal clerk, says the number of ballots received is 79,533. That number still doesn't include any outstanding ballots mailed in this week. That would make this election's voter turnout the highest in local history. The runoff race between Ethan Berkowitz and Amy Demboski in the last mayoral election garnered 70,650 votes. 

By Thursday evening, 70,961 ballots had been tallied. Roughly 10,000 more are expected to be counted Friday. 

Runoffs are required if a single candidate does not receive at least 45 percent of the vote. 

Polls closed at 8 p.m. on Tuesday. Mailed-in ballots had to be postmarked by April 3 to be counted.

There are numerous races, for which you can find all of the returns here. For the big races, such as the mayoral race, school board seats and Proposition 1 (the Bathroom Bill) and Proposition 10 (Chugach/ML&P sale), we'll keep a running tally of those right here. 


Total votes counted so far: 75,451

Berkowitz, Ethan - 41,886

Logan, Rebecca - 28,020

Darden, Dustin - 1460

Kendall, Paul - 1144

Huit, Timothy - 877

Write-in - 523

Godoy, Nelson - 423

Mendonsa, Matthew - 400

Kern, Jacob - 264

Read more about all of the candidates' viewpoints here

After the first wave of returns was in Tuesday night, Mayor Berkowitz stood on a table at his campaign party at Flattop and delivered a speech. Watch it below:


Total votes counted so far: 76,612

No - 40,378

Yes - 36,234

Read more about Proposition 1 here


Total votes counted so far: 74,885

Yes - 48,801

No - 26,084

Read more about Proposition 10 here.

Want to know more about the other 10 propositions? We've got you covered. Read about them all here.  

School Board Seats

Seat E

Total votes counted so far: 63,090

Hilde, Alisha - 18,466

Hotch, Tasha - 17,532

Smith, Don - 10,753

Nees, David - 10,673

Stafford, Ron - 4871

Write-in - 795

Seat F

Total votes counted so far: 61,778

Mitchell, Deena - 43,320

Isley, Phil - 17,501

Write-in - 957

Seat G

Total votes counted so far: 56,544

Snelling, Elisa - 32,469

Weisman, Irene - 22,970

Write-in - 1105

You can visit Election Central for full coverage of Anchorage's first-ever vote-by-mail election by clicking here

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