President Trump's former White House communications director now works for an Alaska agency.

The Alaska Gasline Development Corp. is paying Michael Dubke's Black Rock Group $30,000 a month to help promote Alaska's gas project, Alaska LNG, in Washington D.C.

A spokesperson for AGDC says the agency is already working to build interest in the project locally and internationally, but what was lacking, she says, is a team in D.C.

"As the Alaska LNG project advances, we anticipate there's going to be a lot more interest, especially on the national arena," said Rosetta Alcantra, AGDC's vice president of communications.

Alcantra says the group will advise on communications strategies with Alaska's Congressional delegation and federal leadership. Dubke has brought on Sen. Lisa Murkowski's former state director Kevin Sweeney for the task. Dubke worked as a general consultant and raised money for the Senate races of Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski, while Sweeney ran Murkowski's 2010 write-in campaign.

Alcantra says the experience in Alaska politics was part of the reason behind the choice.

"We really needed to get on the ground expeditiously, especially with things moving and wanted to make sure we had a company that knew Alaska, knew Alaskans and knew the Washington D.C. arena, the different departments and agencies-- and certainly the White House," Alcantra said. 

Black Rock Group's contract with the state agency started at the end of January and will run through June.

"I think we are getting very fair market value for the amount of work that we are getting from the firm working in D.C., and it is certainly, I think, going to play out very well in the long run. We have a lot of work to do in terms of building project awareness," Alcantra noted. 

Alcantra says the company will not be lobbying directly for the corporation, and, at this point, she says, AGDC does not have any plans to hire a lobbyist in D.C.

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