Municipal elections officials said more than 50,000 ballots had been cast in the city's first vote-by-mail election by Monday. But, the number of ballots that have been mailed out and not returned is twice as high.

More than 100,000 ballot envelopes have yet to be returned. Another 25,250 have been returned as undeliverable.

Election workers say they've seen voting pick up at in-person accessible vote centers, as well as an increase in ballots collected from drop boxes. Both of those options will be available to voters on Election Day up until the 8 p.m. deadline.

Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones said voters can still mail in their ballots as late as Tuesday, but they must be postmarked that day.

One thing Anchorage residents cannot do on Tuesday is cast a vote at their old polling places. Signs will direct voters who try to the other options.

Jones said people who wait to vote on Tuesday won't actually have their votes tallied until Wednesday since it takes time to process the ballots. That means numbers won't be final until some time after election night.

"I think Tuesday night you are going to have some pretty solid numbers," said Jones. "I think the numbers on Wednesday are either going to confirm races or they are going to confirm close races."

Jones said votes that come in the mail would be accepted until April 13 but still must be postmarked by April 3.

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