A local cafe is trying to do its part for the environment, one coffee cup at a time.

Side Street Espresso, downtown on G Street near 4th Avenue, is looking to replace paper cups with travel mugs when customers want coffee to go. Co-owner Deborah Seaton said the idea is to cut down on waste in the landfill by using fewer single-serve products.

"We've always had a personal commitment to recycling," Seaton said. "And we do plenty in the back of the house. One day I said, 'I think we just have to bite the bullet and start doing something more.'"

First they got rid of red plastic straws. Now, they're trying to get customers to bring in travel mugs for their coffee to go.

Although not every customer carries their own mug. Seaton said that's not a problem because the cafe has extras that people can have for free to take with them and re-use.

Seaton said Side Street would welcome anyone who wants to donate travel mugs for their loaner collection. She said they can be new or used -- the only thing they ask is that the cups come with lids.

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