The man accused of ramming and disabling an Anchorage school bus this week with a car, then making armed threats against the people on board, appeared in court Friday on charges in previous cases -- but had plenty to say about the collision.

David Aaron Lee, 38, appeared in court on charges of violating his probation or parole from earlier convictions. He faces more than a dozen criminal counts stemming from Wednesday’s school-bus incident, as well as a string of charges in previous domestic-violence assaults against women.

Lee appeared in court again Friday afternoon, where bail conditions were set in cases against him dating back to 2007, 2008 and 2015. His bail in the earlier cases was set at a total of $100,000 cash, with conditions in the 2017 case requiring that he be within sight and sound of a court-approved third-party custodian at all times.

Anchorage police had taken him into custody during a Muldoon manhunt, after he allegedly threatened to kill the driver of a bus headed to Baxter Elementary School then tried to leave the area as a passenger in an SUV.

During proceedings Friday afternoon, in which prosecutors recounted the bus driver's testimony that Lee had approached the vehicle with what appeared to be a gun and threatened to kill her, he took issue with the account.

"It doesn't say that in here, Your Honor, and I don't know where they're getting that from," Lee said. "I didn't have a firearm; I don't understand where they're getting this from."

Lee returned to the point several times Friday afternoon, in outbursts which interrupted court proceedings.

"You're talking about a gun," Lee said. "What gun?"

Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton said Friday morning that Lee's identity had been confirmed through fingerprinting done at the state Department of Corrections.

David Aaron Lee. (Credit: APD)


Assistant district attorney Sarah Park said at court Friday that Lee had claimed in a Thursday court hearing that he was not the person seen in a photo from his driver's license distributed by police. Lee had lost weight and was under different lighting that afternoon, Park said, when Wolverton had expressed concern about whether police had arrested the same man sought on the domestic-violence charges.

Police had said in charging documents that Lee had given officers two false names after the school-bus incident, then threatened to “physically fight” officers who tried to fingerprint him Wednesday.

Shannon Ballard contributed information to this story.

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