He's an actor, author and motivator. Jessie LeBeau is back in his home state to inspire teens and young adults in the Mat-Su School District.

"If I boil it down to three words, it's 'attitude is everything,' LeBeau said. "We talk about tough things that happen in life. They're [students] coming up and sharing their stories with me; they're feeling comfortable."

LeBeau challenges students who have been through hard situations, to use their experience as learning lessons. He says according to the district, nearly 600 kids are considered homeless and he's been inspired by their stories. 

"Are you going to get bitter and let it define your life? Or push through and get better?" LeBeau said.

This Saturday, March 31, you're invited to a free event, 1pm-5pm, open to the public at Colony High School.

There will be food trucks, DJ's, music and a former NBA player. There will also be an anti-suicide, anti-depression message from a non-profit called, "Carry the Cure".

"Bring your game," LeBeau added. Beat me one-on-one, win some stuff. It will be a good time."

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