On this Workforce Wednesday we take a look at the Alaska Army National Guard, which offers support in times of natural disasters both in Alaska and worldwide.

Sergeant First Class J.R. Lomboy and Staff Sergeant Jason Schlegel joined us to discuss the benefits of serving in the Alaska Army National Guard, as well as the jobs they have available.

On the traditions of the Guard, Schlegel told us, "Some traditions that come with serving are going to be honor, valor, willingness to serve, and deeper than that we have sons, daughters, brothers, sisters that serve in the Alaska army national guard these days".

On the missions that members of the National Guard undertake, Lomboy said, "Typically we're part of the state and federal mission, to service the needs and in any time of local disaster or federal disasters that their citizens might need us for".

There are many benefits that come with being a member of the National Guard, including medical for yourself and your family, insurance, education benefits, and educational assistance. There is a commitment to service, and Lomboy helped clarify how someone should approach the responsibility if they are considering service.

"The best advice i could give anybody who is looking to change career fields or go to something new would be to make the commitment of talking to one of our recruiters with the Alaska Army National Guard", said Lomboy, "Seeing what best fits them, whether that be a one year, three-year, six-year".

The Alaska Army National Guard offers a plethora of career fields to explore within, "We have several different career fields to choose from", said Schlegel, "Within each career field we have different skill sets, things in the medical field, things in military police world, things in aviation, infantry, of course, engineers".

Lomboy then added, "Anything from turning wrenches on a diesel motor to servicing something in the medical field. Whether somebody is looking for a new career or getting into one, Alaska Army National Guard is a good place to start".

We then asked for insight as to what a role in the Guard could pay, "The pay ranges from let's say 250 and greater depending on the years of service and your rank and things of that nature", said Schlegel, "Really where it's valuable is the education benefits, the medical, the dental, life insurance, and the overall experience of doing something for your community and country".

On April 5th, the Alaska Army National Guard is hosting an open house titled 'Guard for a Day'. It will allow civilians a chance to experience first-hand what citizen-soldiers do every day. It takes place at the Denali Armory Building on JBER. 

For information contact SFC Justin Mullenix at (907) 428-7531, or email him at justin.a.mullenix.mil@mail.mil

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