A man out on pre-trial release from January has been arrested for multiple felonies.

On Saturday, police responded to a call of a theft at the 7100 block of Ambler Lane. The caller said she had found her stolen bicycle lying in the back of a pickup truck.

When an officer located the truck, it was unoccupied but running. After a few minutes, the suspect, later identified as David J. Ramos, Jr., got into the truck and started to drive away. The officer used his patrol car to block the escape, but Ramos fled on foot.

Officers chased Ramos through several yards and over fences before Ramos climbed onto a roof and jumped off, ignoring officers' taser warnings. Ramos was tased, then pulled out the probes and jumped over another fence. Officers caught up with Ramos and tackled him in a yard on the 6900-block of Gemini Drive.

Ramos was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries he sustained during the escape attempt.

When Ramos' clothing was seized at the hospital, there were several credit cards belonging to people other than him.

Inside the truck that Ramos tried to drive away, officers found property that had been stolen in numerous neighborhood burglaries. Most of that property was returned to the owners.

As Ramos recovered in the hospital, a warrant was issued for charges of first-degree vehicle theft, second-degree theft, eluding, resisting arrest, second-degree burglary, third-degree misconduct involving a weapon, and third-degree theft.

Police were not informed when Ramos was discharged from the hospital. The hospital cited privacy concerns.

Early Tuesday morning, police responded to a call of someone rummaging around inside a vehicle parked on a bike path on the 3100-block of East 16th Avenue in Fairview. Officers located a man, later identified as David J. Ramos Jr. walking away from a vehicle that had an open back door and was filled with property. He initially gave police a fake name and birthdate. 

Officers advised Ramos they would be putting him in handcuffs until they could identify him, but Ramos resisted, causing everyone to fall to the ground. Ramos continued resisting and was pepper sprayed.

After his identity was confirmed, a computer check showed the outstanding felony warrant from the events three days prior. He was taken to the Anchorage Jail and charged with second-degree theft, resisting arrest, tresspassing and false Information.

Ramos did not appear at court on Tuesday as scheduled. It has been rescheduled for Wednesday.

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