A taxi cab driver was assaulted during a robbery over the weekend, Anchorage Police say. 

Around 11:30 Saturday night, Anchorage Police received a call reporting a cab driver had been injured during a robbery in the parking lot of West High School

APD's investigation revealed the cab driver was called to the school parking lot to assist a couple who had reportedly locked themselves out of their vehicle. While the cab driver was attempting to unlock one of the vehicle doors, police say a woman struck him from behind with a collapsible baton, and APD says the victim was struck multiple times in the head and body. 

The duo demanded money from the victim, who handed over all the cash he had on him, police say, then threw the man to the ground. 

The two suspects then fled in their own vehicle, a blue sedan. The victim drove himself to the hospital.

Detectives say no further suspect descriptions are available, though they are exploring the possibility that this robbery is connected to one last Thursday.

In that case, the cab driver had been dispatched to a downtown parking lot to assist a person who had also reportedly locked himself out of his vehicle. 

When the driver arrived, he was flagged down by a group of people. He exited his cab and opened the trunk; that's when, APD says, a man and woman forced him inside the trunk of his taxi. The suspects then punched him multiple times and choked him, before one of them pulled a handgun.

Police say the suspects took the victim’s wallet, cash, and cellphone, then attempted to shut the cab’s trunk with the driver still inside.

The driver was able to crawl out, as the suspects drove away in what was described as a black or blue sedan.

According to APD, the male suspect in the first case was described as being in his early-20s and either black or Hispanic. The other suspect actively involved in the robbery was thought to be female based on the suspect's voice.

APD says there was at least one other person at the scene of the crime but did not have direct contact with the victim. 

The victim in this case had visible injuries, police say, and was evaluated by medics. 

Shannon Ballard contributed to this report.

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