Witnesses report the driver who died in a crash on the Seward Highway was driving erratically before the wreck.

Tim Jeter said he was driving southbound on Lake Otis Parkway near 36th Avenue Sunday night when he saw a car coming up behind him. “It was a high enough rate of speed, she wouldn’t be able to stop,” Jeter said.

Jeter said he braced for an impact but the woman “made it into the turn lane, which was free and blasted through the intersection.”

Dustin Darden said the woman hit him as she was trying to turn westbound on Tudor.

She crossed the centerline and struck his truck, which was eastbound on Tudor.

Darden said the woman stopped for a split second, looked at him then sped off leaving her grill behind, a piece of evidence Darden said he was taking to the police.

Dustin Darden holds the bumper of the vehicle that hit him on the corner of Lake Otis and Tudor.

Darden said officers told him that was the same woman who died just minutes later when she tried to turn on to the Seward Highway and launched off an overpass.

“It was like she was running from something. It seemed like something from a movie, it didn’t seem natural,” Darden described the encounter.

Police are still investigating the crash and have not said if drugs or alcohol were a factor.

“There was some level of precision to her driving, I don’t think she was drunk,” Jeter said. “To navigate through the turn lane, through traffic in that instance.”

Anchorage Police Department staff were off on Monday because of Seward’s Day so they couldn’t confirm they’d received reports.

The woman’s identity has not been released yet.

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