The Anchorage vote-by-mail election is happening right now, but if you were looking forward to stepping into a voting booth this spring, you can still do that, too.

Voting centers now open at five locations within the Anchorage Municipality:

  • City Hall
  • Loussac Library
  • The Municipality of Anchorage's Election Center in Ship Creek
  • O'Malley's on the Green
  • Eagle River Town Center

The centers allow voters an opportunity to cast their ballot in a secure drop box or vote in person. 

"I wanted to make sure it counted and I wanted to make sure it was properly delivered," said Bill Babylon, who dropped his ballot in a secure drop box at Loussac Library. 

Adrienne Reed chose to vote in person at the center because she says stepping into a voting booth is symbolic. 

"For so long, we weren't allowed to vote, so to be able to show up and show out and cast my vote and have it recorded, that means a lot to me," Reed said.

Other said they voted at the Loussac Library location because of a problem with their mail-in ballot. 

"They sent my ballot to my old address in Soldotna-- where I haven't lived for a dozen years," said James Stoneking, who voted in person. 

Whatever the reason, election workers are just glad voters are showing up. 

Not only are there more ways to cast a ballot this year, there's also more days to do it. 

The deadline to vote is Tuesday, April 3. Voters will be asked to present photo ID if voting at an accessible vote center. 

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