Juneau athlete Kyle Worl won the gold ulu in the knuckle hop at the Arctic Winter Games, setting a personal record.

On Friday in Fort Smith, Canada, Worl hopped for 167 feet. That’s about 20 feet farther than he went at the World Eskimo Indian Olympics last summer.

Earlier this week, he won a gold ulu in the kneel jump and Alaskan high kick, took the silver in all-around open male athlete and won a bronze in the one hand reach.

Worl said he trains for the Arctic Sports year round. He practices for the knuckle hop by doing pushups on his knuckles with gloves on.

He said he’s proud to see his hard work pay off.

"Everyone is cheering you on an yelling and that’s what keeps you going a little bit further. Your muscles just start screaming at you. It becomes a mental game at the end to push yourself. The most challenging part is the very last feet, that mental game of not giving into the pain,” Worl said.

His father, Rodney Worl, holds the world record in the knuckle hop at 191’10”.

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