After 33 years, the popular Arctic Man Race is ending. 

It's a unique event for teams of two -- a skier and a snowmachiner. The skier goes down a mountain, is towed by the snowmachine up another incline, and the skier goes down again. 

At its busiest, the race drew about 60 teams. But this year, only about a dozen signed up. 

Even though 2018 is the last year for the race, organizers say there will be plenty to do at Arctic Man in upcoming years. 

"It's a fun weekend if the weather's in our favor, and the snow-riding is in our favor. I mean, I get all kinds of people call back and say, 'Man we had the most fun. We're coming back with more friends,'" said organizer Howie Thies. 

Arctic Man starts in a couple of weeks. It runs from April 9 to 15 near Summit Lake, just north of Paxon.

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