Jordan Knight knows what to do with a basketball. Of course, he never imagined his game would take him to Wasilla.

"This was the last thing on my mind six months ago," Knight says.

Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean last September. It devastated everything in its path, including Knight's home in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Jordan managed to get out thanks to his mother.

"She had some coworkers, had some friends that were sending people from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico, to try and get some help," said Knight.

Help stood about 45 minutes away by boat.

"The worst part of it was getting used to up and down of the waves," Knight said after practice before the start of the state basketball tournament.

He found himself on a plane, bound for Alaska and family.

"I get to see my sister, because I live with her and her family, my brother-n-law, kids, I love them a lot," said Knight, who is not a stranger to Alaska.

He spent eighth grade at Wasilla's Teeland Middle School.

"Jordan's been dynamic, he's a great kid in the locker room, a great kid in the classroom, he's been a welcomed addition to our team and roster," said Wasilla High head coach Ryan Engebretsen about his newest player.

Jordan can rest easy after he received some good news from home.

"My mother got power around December," said Knight.

He's 5000 miles from home-- it's an adjustment for anyone, but as Jordan Knight left the comfort of one family in the Virgin Islands, he found another one with open arms waiting for him here in Alaska.

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