A Valley couple won't have to fight the traffic on the Glenn-- but they have a good excuse: a newborn baby!

They considered naming her Glenn because they feared she might be born while they were stuck in traffic.

Tonya and Ron Bell took a selfie while stuck in the Glenn gridlock. They were on their way to ANMC a few hours earlier when Tonya had her first contraction. She thought it was just a fake out, so they went home.

But then, she figured it was probably smart to go back since it might take a few hours to get to Anchorage. That's when her contractions went from every 20 minutes to every two minutes.

“I was actually really calm. I wear a Fit Bit and I kept looking at my heart rate and everything, and I kept telling my wife I had a panic attack last week doing dishes at home and my heart rate was 100, and you're having a baby and we're stuck in traffic and we're having a baby right now and my heart rate is 59 right now. You know, I handle situations pretty well, and plus, I wanted to use it as an excuse to go really fast down the highway,” Ron joked.

Mackenzie Rose was born at 3:35 Thursday afternoon after the couple decided to ditch their birth plan and drive back to the Valley to deliver at Mat-Su Regional.

Everything went smoothly; both mom and baby are happy and healthy.

Ron promises he didn't drive too fast. And, get this: the couple even stopped at the gas station so he could get coffee and she could go to the bathroom!


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