The mother of a Palmer teen who was murdered says justice is moving too slowly for her son.

On Thursday Edie Grunwald was in Palmer Court for a pretrial conference for Austin Barrett and Bradley Renfro, two of four teens charged with murdering her son David in 2016.

Grunwald was hoping to see a trial date set for the pair, who will be tried together, but it didn't happen.

Public defenders representing the teens told the judge they wouldn't be available until 2019. Grunwald, who has vowed to attend every proceeding, said the pace is causing her nothing but frustration.

"For us to have to go into 2019, for them to have to go to 2019 is unacceptable," said Grunwald. "There's no reason for it. The attorney says it's a high priority, one of the defendant's attorneys. If it's such a high priority why do we have to wait till 2019?"

Trial dates for two other defendants in the case have been set for 2018. Erick Almandinger is scheduled to go to trial in the first week of May. Another teen, Dominic Johnson, will have a separate trial starting on September 24.

Judge Greg Heath also denied the state's request to apply "aggravators" to charges for Almandinger and Johnson of " substantial physical torture" against Grunwald.

The judge said the aggravators would have required him to give a 99-year sentence with no chance of parole if the teens were found guilty.

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