It was the day the Glenn stood still. Thousands of commuters heading inbound on the Glenn Highway were stuck in traffic for hours on Thursday after an 18-wheeler smashed into an overpass, leaving the bridge severely damaged Wednesday afternoon. Though it was a nightmare for those trying to get to their final destinations on time, there were a few people out and about making the wait a little more bearable.

Kristina O'Mara, who lives off South Birchwood Loop, was a victim of the #bridgepocalypse when she had to call into work because she was running out of gas. When she got home, her daughter, who is homeschooled, and their neighbor, decided to make the day better by lightening the mood by setting up a hot coffee and tea stand they named "Bridge-Pocolypse" located on South Birchwood Loop.

"The girls, my daughter and our neighbor, started at about 930 a.m," O'Mara said. "They completed their entitlement for their entrepreneur business on and were waiting to start their business this summer. They took advantage of the opportunity today to start early."

O'Mara added the girls are excited as ever. They've made $7 and are hoping for more customers.

Those who are attempting to brave the trek to Anchorage on Friday can see them in the same spot between 9 a.m. and around noon, and possibly again on Monday.

If you're wanting a sweet treat to go with your hot tea or cocoa, you can visit Kastle's Kreations at the Chevron gas station in Eagle River between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Credit: Kastle Sorensen/ Facebook

Commuters who need a place to stay over the next few days, Inlet Tower Hotel and Suites wants to help. According to its Facebook Page, they're offing $50 per night special. 

These businesses aren't the only ones making light of this dark situation-- there are others who are entertaining those stuck in traffic as well.

Take a look at these guys giving a little moral support on the side of the road near Fred Meyer on the Old Glenn Highway.

Credit: Jamie Morrison

KTVA's reporter Cassie Schirm captured a shot of someone who was entertaining the "crowd" wearing a turtle suit. 

Credit: Cassie Schirm

People have taken over the Glenn Highway Traffic Report Facebook page with some funny stuck in traffic memes. Here are a few of them worth mentioning.

Credit: James Ahumada / Facebook
Credit: Lauryn Pealatere / Facebook
Credit: Jason Beach / Facebook
Jason Beach / Facebook
Credit: Jacqueline Fontana / Facebook
Credit: John Coctoasten / Facebook
Credit: MaryAlice Lovel Larmi / Facebook

And, just when you think it's never going to end, there's a light at the end of the tunnel -- "You're almost there!"

Credit: Anna Enzy / Facebook

And when you're back in Eagle River, be sure to swing by Hi-Res and get your free sticker. 

(Screengrab via Facebook)

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