The Alaska Republican Party has formally thrown its weight behind Anchorage’s Proposition 1, after the party's Democratic counterparts announced its opposition to the proposed “bathroom bill” earlier this year.

A resolution regarding “physical privacy,” adopted without objection by Alaska Republicans on March 9 at their annual convention, lays out the party’s support for the proposition from conservative group Alaska Family Action. If adopted in Anchorage’s vote-by-mail election, Prop 1 would require people to use bathrooms and locker rooms at municipal buildings corresponding to their birth genders.

According to the resolution, the Alaska GOP opposes state or local policies that “allow persons to gain access to intimate facilities such as locker rooms on the basis of ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender expression.’”

The party also registers its support for Prop 1 and other proposals which seek to remove what it calls “the harmful mandate” to “allow biological men to access intimate facilities reserved for women, and vice versa.” In addition, it calls upon the state Legislature to “adopt a statewide policy that would protect the right to physical privacy of persons using intimate facilities.”

Alaska GOP chair Tuckerman Babcock confirmed Tuesday that delegates at the convention had passed the resolution as written online. He deferred questions to the language of the resolution itself.

“The resolution was brought forward by the Education, Health and Family Platform subcommittee,” Babcock wrote.

Rebecca Logan, the Alaska GOP-backed main challenger to Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, says she does not support Prop 1.

"The role of government in this issue is public safety and protecting religious freedom. The Yes on 1 and the Fair Anchorage stakeholders both have legitimate safety, privacy, and religious freedom concerns," Logan said in her candidate statement on's Election Central. "I look forward to the opportunity as Mayor to bring together all stakeholders and craft public policy that addresses the majority of concerns from both sides."

In an email Tuesday, Logan also noted that "many people who disagree with me on that issue are supporting me still as a mayoral candidate".

The Alaska Democratic Party has already weighed in against Prop 1, passing a resolution at a January committee meeting.

According to anti-Prop 1 group Fair Anchorage, the Democratic resolution states in part that “transgender people need to be able to use public accommodations, such as restrooms, just like everyone else, without fear of harassment or discrimination.”

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