Nadine Price says health and physical education is the most important class her students will ever take. 

"I 100 percent believe that," Price said. "If you don't have your health, all the other stuff doesn't matter as much."

Price has been teaching at Wendler Middle School for the past 26 years. This is her last year teaching, as she plans to retire in May, and her students wanted to make sure her hard work didn't go unnoticed.

"She's like a second mom to all of her students," said Angelica Rodriguez, a student who nominated her for the award. "She's really funny caring and she thinks of all of her students as one big happy family."

Price touches on all the topics from mental health, nutrition, drug and sex education.  Currently, her class is learning about portion control using real-life objects to help learn about portion sizes.

"I think I teach how I learn because I was always the seeing learner and I also wanted to do it," Price said. "If I show it to them and then have them do it, I think it sticks in their head more. Also, I like to relate it to real life."

A lot of the students are surprised at the correct size of the portion, for things like protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. The sizes are smaller than they thought, and have more calories and added sugar. 

"I've learned a lot," Rodriguez said. "From my dieting to sex-ed.... and how to treat others."

Price says knowing the fundamentals of healthy living are lessons that will stay with students for a lifetime.

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