A first of its kind language summit is coming to Anchorage. The Division of Elections wants you to learn more about their language assistance, along with Alaska Native language preservation and revitalization efforts.

"The Division of Elections has been working really hard to do translations in Alaska Native languages throughout rural Alaska,” said Indra Arriaga, an organizer with the Division of Elections summit. “We thought we would bring everybody together that has had experience with it, that went through the last election cycle and network and exchange ideas, talk about what we're all doing and hopefully make 2018 a better election year."

The summit will include two days of speakers from the federal government, elections commission, Alutiiq Museum and the Preservation Council among other. Panelists will discuss the framework for voting rights in Alaska, efforts on language preservation and what has been done to make voting more accessible. 

"It's really important because we have had a history of voter suppression, unfortunately, and this is one way of knocking down the barriers so that we can have informed voters throughout Alaska,” Arriaga said. “One of the things the summit does is give people an opportunity to hear about all those efforts directly from the people who are doing it.”

Arriaga’s goal for the summit is to exchange information and network to collaborate and make this upcoming election better, in terms of voter turnout and accessibility.

The Alaska Division of Elections Language Summit is Monday and Tuesday, March 19-20, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

To register for the event, go here, or learn more at the Division of Election's Website.

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