Alaska State Troopers arrested a man Friday they say had claimed to be one of their own, using his false law-enforcement authority to stop and intimidate people in Wasilla and Houston.

Ronald Edward Bean, 47, was arrested on multiple counts of assault, coercion, impersonating a public servant and coercion, as well as single counts of burglary and theft, according to an online dispatch.

Troopers were first alerted to Bean just before 7 a.m. Friday, by reports that he was “tailgating another male and flashing his headlights on Vine Road near the Parks Highway in Wasilla.”

“Additionally the victim reported he stopped at the red light,” troopers wrote. “[Bean] got out of his vehicle, told him he was an undercover cop [and that] he was under arrest, to produce his identification and (then) attempted to deploy Mace on him. The victim was able to safely drive away.”

About 20 minutes later, troopers got another call from a resident on Pepper Street in Houston, who reported that shots had been fired at a neighbor’s home and that a man later identified as Bean “pointed the firearm at him.” Responding troopers found Bean’s truck in a ditch, and spoke with the caller and two other victims.

“[The caller] reported he came outside,” troopers wrote. “[Bean] gave him loud verbal commands he was AST, to get on the ground, shot five to six times recklessly in the neighborhood and pointed the handgun at the back of his neck placing him in fear he was going to die.”

Another resident who stepped out of the home said Bean pointed the gun at her, and she stepped back inside. When Bean heard emergency sirens from actual troopers, the victims said he tried to drive away but his truck got stuck in the ditch.

“[Bean] immediately unlawfully entered the victims’ residence, stole clothing and would not let them leave,” troopers wrote. “Troopers were able to successfully hold a [perimeter] around the residence, (then) get victims out of the residence safely through windows and the front door.”

Bean exited the home at the command of troopers, who arrested him and took him to the Mat-Su Pretrial Facility.

Troopers said in a Feb. 22 dispatch that they had arrested Bean for assault and harassment after he got into a billing dispute at a Wasilla towing business on South Vine Road.

“Bean assaulted one of the victims before being removed by his father,” troopers wrote. “When troopers arrived on scene Bean actively resisted trooper commands and pepper spray was deployed.”

Court records also show Bean charged with DUI, multiple counts of felony third-degree assault and leaving the scene in a Feb. 26 Anchorage collision.

Troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said that the state Department of Public Safety’s Office of Professional Standards reviews complaints about trooper impersonators, as well as the conduct of actual troopers – although it was “readily obvious” that Bean’s conduct was not that of a real trooper.

“If you have a concern about a trooper’s behavior, certainly contact the Office of Professional Standards,” Peters said. “If you’re in danger, of course, certainly call 911.”

The Office of Professional Standards can be called at 907-269-6055, or emailed at The office’s form for reporting trooper misconduct can be completed and submitted online or by mail.

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