A campaign ad running on Anchorage television has come under fire from local LGBT activists.

They claim the face of the proposed the proposed "bathroom bill" is misleading because the woman featured isn't Alaskan.

The 30-second ad is a condensed version of a 2016 video posted on the the Yes on Prop 1 website.

It features a woman identified only as Kate, talking about an encounter with a transgender woman in a swimming pool locker room.

“Right before me was a biological male in a women's one piece swimming suit standing in front of the women's showers just watching the women,” Kate said in the video.

The video is in favor of Prop 1 which, if passed by voters, would require people in Anchorage to use the public bathroom assigned to their birth gender.

“I felt completely violated. I felt the women that were unaware of what was happening, it wasn't fair to them,” Kate said in the video.

But what's not fair, according to those against Prop 1, is that the video never discloses that Kate isn't from Alaska and that her story didn't take place in the 49th state.

“She doesn't have skin in the game,” Fair Anchorage Co-Chair David Lockard said.  “My family has something to lose if Prop 1 passes.”

Lockard and his transgender son are featured in a No on Prop 1 video in which he states, “Like the rest of us, Col sometimes needs to use public restrooms and we want him to be safe just like everyone else.”

Lockard feels his opponent’s choice in advertisement discredits their campaign.

“It’s just not a credible proposition and the fact that they brought in somebody from outside I think kind of weakens their side of the argument,” he said.

Jim Minnery with Alaska Family Action, the president of the Yes on Prop 1 campaign said in a written statement that “local Anchorage women who have come forward to the Yes on Prop 1 campaign about their specific cases of being uncomfortable with men in safe spaces meant for women are afraid to go public with their stories. And for good reason."

"Kate has been harassed and actually threatened for simply saying out loud that this man in the women’s shower made her uneasy. We live in upside down times when people are fearful for speaking up on such a common sense issue. We’re so grateful for Kate voicing the concerns of so many women here in Anchorage who have faced similar situations.”

Lockard argues that the people who should be concerned about their safety are transgendered Alaskans, whom he says could be harassed if and bullied if Prop 1 passes.

“If you really can’t find an Alaskan to be in your ad, maybe don't have an ad,” Lockard said.

The video featuring Kate is also part of a national campaign called "Ask Me First."

Alaska Family Action is listed as a partner on the project's website.

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