Anchorage police have named the woman fatally struck by an Alaska Railroad train crossing Arctic Boulevard earlier this week, as an investigation of what happened continues.

Next of kin for 23-year-old Skyler Luke have been informed of her death, police spokesman MJ Thim said Friday. She was an Anchorage resident.

Thim deferred further questions on the investigation to railroad spokesman Tim Sullivan Jr., who said Friday morning that toxicology results on those involved in the collision are expected to take a few weeks.

Luke was struck when she stood at a railroad crossing just after midnight Wednesday south of the Dowling Road overpass between C Street and Arctic. The train, traveling 34 mph, tried to stop but Sullivan said she was seen only “moments before impact.”

"Our crew saw that there was something in between the tracks about a quarter-mile out; they couldn't identify what it was, they sounded the horn, they hit the brakes," Sullivan said. "They saw that it was a woman lying on the tracks, and then she sat up."

Investigators didn't have word on whether the woman tried to get out of the train's way before impact, Sullivan said.

The train crew remains on three days of administrative leave, Sullivan said, following an initial conversation with investigators.

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