Marines from North Carolina, Louisiana and Texas recently spent a couple weeks in the Anchorage area for some final training and preparations before heading to Fairbanks.

Arctic Edge 2018 is a joint exercise that gives the Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force the chance to work together to get outside of their regular elements to focus on cold weather and mountain operations that are unavailable in the Lower 48.

"You just never know when your next fight is going to be," said Col. Bradley Weisz, chief of staff for Marine Forces North. "This is an opportunity to be prepared to fight in cold-weather operations and mountainous operations. We have spent 15 plus years now in the desert so this gives us another opportunity to prepare for cold-weather operations."

Arctic Edge is the first exercise of its kind in nearly two decades that provides a way to train and improve military operations in an arctic environment. Over 20 units and approximately 1,500 U.S. military personnel from all branches of service are participating.

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