After refusing to come to court three days in a row, the suspect in a series of beer bottle and chain attacks at Black Angus Inn over the weekend finally faced a judge Thursday. 

According to court documents, Henry Luther, 29, was drinking in a room with two people he'd met earlier in the day. One of them told police Luther "went out of control," broke a bottle and stabbed them both in the head. 

According to the documents, Luther then left the room, found a chain, and hit a woman with it before making his way out to the parking lot where he started using the chain to damage several parked cars. 

The criminal complaint says hotel security guards tried to stop Luther from hitting the cars, but he began swinging the chain at them: 

"Both staff members reported being in fear of injury. During one of LUTHER'S swings, one of the staff members pulled out his gun and fired at LUTHER. LUTHER dropped the chain and the staff members handcuffed him until officers arrived." 

But an eyewitness says Luther had thrown the chain at a bystander before the security guards came out of the motel, and Luther was running away from them when the shot was fired. 

No one was injured as a result of the gun being fired. 

In court Thursday, Luther told the judge he wanted someone to take photos of the various cuts on his face, and said, "They threw me in a cell naked," before the judge interrupted his outburst and told him to refrain from speaking "out of turn." 

The Pretrial Enforcement Division's risk assessment tool gave Luther the highest score possible, a 10. 

Luther was just in court in January for a felony theft case. According to CourtView, he was released on an unsecured bond pending trial. 

Luther's bond in this latest case is set at $5000 cash. 

All three of the individuals he allegedly assaulted required stitches. 

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