Anchorage residents began receiving their mail-in ballots on Thursday. But the process had a few bumps. Election workers took calls from three people who said they'd gotten more than one ballot in the mail.

One of those people was Rick Herron. Herron said he had one ballot that was addressed to Rick and another to Richard, his legal name. He questioned whether the system was working as it should.

"My concern is if I have a Rick and Richard on a ballot and there's not a human interface that can distinguish that's the same person, don't send out two ballots, that's a problem," said Herron.

Municipal Clerk Barbara Jones explained what had likely happened. She said about 1,400 people were sent a replacement ballot after municipal election workers got updated voter information from the state, including changes of address. Jones said the updated information came after the first ballots had already been printed and mailed. The replacement ballots are clearly marked inside, and Jones said the first ballots have been voided so there isn't a danger of someone voting twice.

"Even if a voter did send in two ballot packages, the machine would reject the first ballot package, " said Jones.

Jones said the city's first mail-in election is a learning curve for everyone. She said people who have issues or concerns shouldn't hesitate to call the Voter Hotline at 243-VOTE.

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