The Kodiak youth hockey team has beaten poor weather to play this week at Eagle River's MacDonald Center.

The team, among those which usually take part in the annual Mac Attack Hockey Tournament, nearly missed it this year. Most of the squad found itself stuck at home, thanks to snowy conditions which have grounded flights.

"I thought they were going to make it Thursday -- I was sad they couldn't," said player Noah Kamai.

Kamai is one of three players who made it to Eagle River, ahead of the rest of the squad and winter snow which disrupted flights.

Hockey, however, takes more than three people. Kodiak still got to play its first game, as the host Mustang Hockey Association loaned three of its players to the visitors.

"We do what we can for the kids," said Joey Merrick, the association's president. "That's what it's all about."

Kodiak's coach is not surprised by the gesture.

"For me, it's typical Alaska: everybody supports each other, looks out for each other," said J.D. Hess.

Kodiak won its first two games, but players had one problem.

"They don't count because it was just the three of us," Kamai said.

The rest of the Kodiak squad has arrived, so the players can chase a tournament title like they have all season -- as a team.

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