Two front-runners have emerged in the race to become the Republican candidate for governor-- and it's not the two candidates with the most experience.

This weekend, Alaska Republicans held their annual convention in Anchorage.

On Friday, four candidates told delegates why they should run the State of Alaska. After their speeches, the Republican Party had the delegates vote on whether each candidate should receive the party's support moving forward.

The poll shows that political experience isn't necessarily a good thing.

Look at former House Speaker Mike Chenault-- with 136 no votes, that's a lot of Republicans who don't think he deserves party support.

You may not know the man with the most "yes" votes.

Scott Hawkins was the first CEO of the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation and founded the accountability project, a business-backed political group that helps elect Republicans.

Hawkins' speech was filled with specific things he would do to fix both the budget and the state's crime problem.

While former Senator Mike Dunleavy spent most of his speech bashing the governor.

“The Walker years have been some of the bleakest in our state's history. Can you think of a three-year period that's worse than we have right now?” Dunleavy said. “I can't-- I can't envision it. We need to bring this administration to a quick and merciful end.”

“We are way too lenient in this state about letting losers go. How about we garnish those PFDs for several years to come so we can pay restitution for victims of crime,” Hawkins said.

Both Dunleavy and Hawkins are declaring "victory" in the straw poll—but, it's still very early. Republicans won't decide who runs in the general election for another five months. The primary is August 21.

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