A man arrested by Anchorage Police at the wheel of a pizza-delivery driver’s carjacked car is now facing federal charges linked to a rifle found in the vehicle.

Steven M. McComas, 20, was originally arrested Feb. 10 by Anchorage police on charges of vehicle theft and failing to stop at the direction of an officer. Court records show that McComas pleaded guilty to Anchorage vehicle thefts which occurred in August 2016, July and September.

Last week, federal authorities charged McComas with being a felon in possession of a weapon during the incident. The move is in line with an attempt by federal authorities to target violent Anchorage offenders for gun charges when weapons are found in vehicles.

The federal complaint against McComas, written by ATF Special Agent Jason Crump, said APD responded at about 1:40 a.m. Feb. 10 to an armed robbery and carjacking, on the 8400 block of Crystal Street off Jewel Lake Road.

“Upon their arrival, [police] discovered that four armed suspects pulled a Domino's Pizza deliveryman out of his vehicle at gunpoint,” Crump wrote. “The suspects stole not only the victim's cellphone and $80.00 cash, but also his white 2007 Dodge Nitro.”

A state criminal complaint describing McComas’ arrest, written by Assistant District Attorney Saritha Anjilvel, said police were told at about 7:30 a.m. that the Nitro had been spotted on Elmore Road near Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. An officer began to tail the car.

“As the vehicle approached an intersection on Lake Otis, a patrol car pulled in front of the Nitro to block it and the vehicle accelerated around the patrol car,” Anjilvel wrote.

The pursuing officer activated emergency lights as the chase headed west and south, Anjilvel wrote, but the Nitro ran a red light at Lake Otis Parkway and 68th Avenue. Officers “forcibly stopped the vehicle” with their cars and arrested McComas near Brayton Drive.

According to Crump, two girls were in the vehicle with McComas. Officers saw an empty shell casing in the driver’s-side floorboard, as well as “the muzzle of a black rifle” hidden under blankets behind the front seats.

After obtaining a warrant, police recovered the 9mm shell casing from the floorboard, as well as a Kel-Tec 9mm semi-automatic rifle loaded with 25 rounds. Crump said officers also recovered a white ski mask and brown gloves, as well as a black backpack.

When police spoke with McComas, Crump said, he told them “a friend gave him the car and told him that it had been taken during the carjacking of a pizza deliveryman.” He also allegedly said he fired a round from the vehicle earlier on Feb. 10, and that he didn’t stop for police because he knew that the gun was present and that he was on probation.

According to Alaska Department of Corrections spokeswoman Megan Edge, McComas had been held in late July through Aug. 30, then from Sept. 23 through Dec. 21 on his two immediately prior vehicle-theft cases. He was also held on Jan. 9 in a vehicle-theft case, but made bail and was placed on probation 10 days later after prosecutors dismissed those charges.

McComas has been in custody since his Feb. 10 arrest, Edge said.

In interviews with police, Crump said the girls from the car told police that McComas had shown them the rifle at about 6 a.m. near Muldoon Elementary School. One of them said that just after APD stopped the Nitro, she asked McComas whether the rifle had been stolen and he said it was.

APD spokeswoman Renee Oistad declined to say whether investigators believe McComas was one of the carjackers who took the Nitro, saying only that he wasn’t currently charged with doing so. Police had made no other arrests in the carjacking and had no further information to release on any other suspects, she said.

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