It happens to humans when they’re traveling-- the occasional upset stomach. Now, it’s happening to some of the dogs on the Iditarod trail.  

An entire team of dogs is laying low Wednesday in Takotna after their musher says they got a stomach bug. 

"They were doing real well with the schedule we were on, but if we were to stay on that they’d be done in 200 miles," said Brett Bruggeman. 

The 47-year-old musher says his dogs started showing signs of a stomach virus Tuesday. They had upset stomachs and weren’t interested in eating.

Now, he's staying an extra 24 hours in Takotna in the hopes their health will turn around. 

Bruggeman thinks the canines caught a sickness that’s been going around-- one he says he heard about before the start of the race.

But, vets at the Takotna checkpoint say haven’t heard of other cases.  

"You can certainly have bugs that can spread through a population of dogs," said Chad Hunt, one of the six veterinarians on staff. "We haven’t seen that in this race. But we’re watching for that and if it does happen, we can get a handle on it and turn it around."

Hunt says an upset stomach can happen to dogs anywhere at anytime. Just like in humans, sometimes the best you can do is wait it out. 

For now, Bruggeman is hand feeding his dogs, which are back to eating. The team left Takotna around 5:45 Thursday evening after taking their mandatory 24. 

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