The Palmer Musk Ox Farm is having a little Iditarod fun this week. Staff are introducing you to animals named after checkpoints in the last great race.

That was the theme when seven calves were born in 2008. Six of the musk ox are named after checkpoints on the southern route, which racers are following this year.

They are Skwentna, McGrath, Grayling, Koyuk, Elim and Safety. "Galena" is the only animal named after a northern route stop.

"The Iditarod is just such a wonderful place keeper for the state and so many people all over the world follow it," said the Musk Ox Farm's Executive Director Mark Austin. "Just since we've been bringing out our Iditarod animals for this year's race, it's been fun to see the feedback we've been getting. Everyone that's been following, tracking and liking."

The Musk Ox Farm is posting fun biographies about their Iditarod animals on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram.

So far, they've introduced people to Skwentna and Mcgrath, or Mickey as the farm calls her.

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