I read a disturbing report recently-- the kind of story you read at 2 o'clock in the morning on your news feed and keeps you up the rest of the night: scientists are predicting the end of man.

Well, not so much the end of man, but the specifically the end of men. Turns out, the Y chromosome is disappearing.

The Y chromosome carries the gene that determines whether we become a man or a woman. And, as female geneticists like to point out, it’s the only chromosome not necessary for life. Women apparently do just fine without one.

To make matters worse, the Y chromosome is degenerating rapidly. It is compared to the X chromosome-- it’s pathetic.

It wasn’t always this way. 166 million years ago, the Y chromosome was equally as big as the X chromosome. But, unlike other chromosomes that come in pairs, only a single Y is passed down from father to son.

In fact, some species like the Japanese spiny rat and some mole voles have no Y chromosome at all!

Leading scientists to believe that the genes that determine sex can move to a different chromosome altogether. Which means, you won’t need men to procreate anymore.

Well, this is unacceptable.

As men, we’re losing our place in the world. Sure, we still make more money and win most of the Grammys, but we almost lost the White House-- saved only by a gimmick we cooked up called the Electoral College.

In fact, Congress is now only 80 percent male.

Sure, the Y chromosome isn’t expected to disappear completely for another 4-and-a-half million years, but men, we shall not go quietly into that long-- I mean really long-- night.

Which is why I’ve launched a new movement I’m calling “Y me”. We’ll meet every Super Bowl Sunday and Daytona 500-- And, I’d like to invite you to my house for the first meeting.

Yes, I’d like to-- but my wife won’t let me have friends over.

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